cVetta improves the eCommerce search engine increasing sales.

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In 80% of cases, users getting an e-commerce home page type their wishes directly in the internal search engine.

In a website where the research gives back consistent results, the chances of a purchase are doubled!

If the search results are not in line with users’ wishes, 95% of these users leave the website quickly.

At this point, we lose the clients and the conversions.

Check Out cVetta's Functions!

Fix misspellings

cVetta can find a product also if there are misspellings or typos when a user searches in the search engine bar. Have you ever typed in Google search a word misspelled and then you got the result expected? cVetta works exactly how Google does!

Consistent results

cVetta results are showed based on “relevance“ and not simply in alphabetical order

Synonymous Management

With cVetta users can setup all the synonyms as they want without any limits. Are you looking for a “mobile phone?” You can get “smartphone” and more as a result.

Did you mean

Do you know the Google feature “Did you mean?” Well, cVetta has the same functionality doing word analysis by suggesting exact search; i.e., yping “erphone” will result in such suggestions as “earphone” or “earphones”.


cVetta highlights searches in the results.

Not relevant keywords

To improve the research, cVetta’s index product removes not relevant keywords.

Faceted Search

Have you ever been in an e-commerce website researching and you got suggestions to refine your search selecting brand, screen resolution or price? This is called “Faceted Search”.cVetta allows the importing of all product properties, giving them back in the results.


cVetta is incredibly fast. Results appear onscreen as soon as a user starts typing.


Would you like to promote your products everywhere? cVetta supports more than 30 different languages.

It is inexpensive

cVetta is FREE up to 1000 requests/month and 1000 products!

Born for Mobile, cVetta is an innovative product with a customizable interface.

How much does cVetta cost?

# products (SKUs):

# requests per month*:


* Therequests per month indicate the product performs research tasks in the e-commerce website exclusively through the free search field.
f you want to know how many searches/month have been done in your website, Google Analytics can provide this information.
For example, if your website is built with Magento, you can check results filter by typing GET/catalogsearch/ajax/suggest/?q= and GET/catalogsearch/result/?q=

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